Application Note

The courses will be run at the same time so you can only be accepted into one role/course (which will be based on the priority you indicate in your profile). For example, if you aren’t accepted to your top choice, we will evaluate your application to your second choice.

Below is just a brief description of the roles. 



Expectations for students:

Expertise required:

We offer a pre-course to help you brush up on your Python skills.


Certificates of completion:

Students who complete the course and/or the project component will receive a personalized certificate of completion.

Teacher Assistants

Responsibilities of Teaching Assistants

We have 3 types of Teaching Assistants:

1- Regular Teaching Assistants

2- Project Teaching Assistants

3- Lead Teaching Assistants

All Teaching Assistants will undergo teaching assistant training, which includes material to prepare beforehand and attending two sessions before the course.

Expectations from Teaching Assistants

Compensation and Benefits for Teaching Assistants

Expertise and Requisites Required for Teaching Assistants: