Donate to Neuromatch

Methods of Donation

Small Donations

If you are thinking of making a small donation to Neuromatch, you may consider volunteering your time or skills instead. Neuromatch is made possible by hundreds of volunteers, and they aren't all neuroscientists or teaching experts. We are looking for help in everything from content creation to social media to finance and business planning. Whether it is something as simple as helping us reach out to universities to expand our credit program with a single email or volunteering in a larger capacity on our executive committee, we can use help in all shapes and forms. 

Large Gifts

Neuromatch is made possible not just by volunteers, but also by generous donations. If you are consideration making a large donation to Neuromatch, please contact us to let us share our development plans and sustainability goals with you. We'd love to show you what kind of difference your donation will make.