Our Finances

Costs of running the school are minimal because it is virtual. The main costs include:

  • TA compensation (this comprises >80% of costs).

  • Software subscription and other tech needs.

  • Financial/accounting services.

A small fee ( under USD250) for full-time students/academics on the Interactive track is applied to offset costs. This fee is adjusted for cost of living based on the student’s location and fee waivers are available for those whose institutions cannot afford the fee. Industry applicants will be charged the full unsubsidized cost of the school.

In addition to student fees, the school is mainly supported by several generous sponsors.

Presenting Sponsor 2020

Organizers and Sponsors from 2020

2020 Financial report

This report covers the 2020 tax year, i.e. Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020. It includes both Neuromatch Academy and the Neuromatch Conferences (NMC 1.0, 2.0, 3.0).


Total sponsor revenue*: $254,772

NMA registration fees: $98,882

NMC registration fees: $32,271


TA payments for NMA: $229,803

NMA infrastructure**: $8,540

NMC infrastructure**: $8,679

Overhead***: $13,738

Direct sponsor payments to TAs for NMA****: $130,480

Total Payments to TAs for 2020: $360,283

Total carry-over to 2021: $125,165 *****

* This represents revenue from Facebook Reality Labs, The Kavli Foundation, The Wellcome Trust, Templeton World Charity Foundation, The Gatsby Charitable Foundation, University of Washington, Howard Hughes and The Simons Foundation.

** Infrastructure includes: software licenses, evaluation, web hosting, etc

*** Overhead includes: insurance, incorporation costs, accounting

**** Some sponsors (CIFAR, NSF, IEEE, UPenn Mindcore, Janelia Farms, Columbia University, Bernstein Foundation, UCL, Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, Chen Institute) have paid TAs directly; therefore their contributions are not listed on the Neuromatch financial statement.

***** The carry-over enabled the NMA to build infrastructure for the 2021 course and also provided a safety net for TA payments in 2021. Numbers for 2021 will be forthcoming in 2022.