Bradly Alicea (he/him/his)

Bradly Alicea is Head Scientist at Orthogonal Research and Education Laboratory. Bradly has contirbuted to NMA in a number of ways, including video production, NMA-related project mentorship, and pre-NMA prep instruction and mentorship. Bradly is also active in promoting Open Science and developing models for distributed research and education.

Elnaz Alikarami

PhD student in McGill University, formerly dentist and passionate about science, education and diversity. I tried to help in different areas as much as I could, but my main work was to help with diversity and inclusivity. I was known as the coordinator of Iran participation.

Arash Ash

Machine Learning Engineer at Smartalpha.AI. As part of the technical team in NMA Arash spent much of his time testing and recommending hardware and software tools for video production in addition to training the post-production team."

Ella Batty

Lecturer and curriculum developer for computational neuroscience at Harvard University. Within NMA, Ella is a tutorial editor. She helped polish content, create interactive demos, and figure out best formatting for materials on several days. She also helped organize the content reviewing process and served as Week 3 Review Co-Chief.

Ari Benjamin

PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania; Ari helped build tutorials for machine learning day and for causality day (and served as TA). He's interested in the neurotheory of perceptual learning; what is it that the brain learns, and by what algorithms?

Gunnar Blohm (The Viking)

Professor at Queen's University, Canada. Co-founder of NMA. Member of Board of Directors. Curriculum lead. Day chief. Lecturer. (among others) Passionate about education and EDI (and beer).

Kathryn (Kate) Bonnen (she/her)

Simons Society Postdoctoral Fellow at New York University. Future Asst. Professor, School of Optometry, Indiana University (Jan 2022). At NMA 2020, Kate was chair of TA training and helped with TA support and program evaluation throughout the course.

John S Butler

John is a Mathematics Lecturer in TU Dublin, Ireland. He researches multisensory integration and self-motion perception using behavioural experiments, EEG and computational models.

Alish Dipani

Machine Learning Engineer at Upload AI and Research Assistant at Northeastern University. For the NMA, Alish was a part of the technical team and the outreach team. He also helped with tutorial reviews and managing the Neurostars community. Alish was a Teaching Assistant too for NMA.

Jeffrey C. Erlich

I am the PI of a lab at NYU Shanghai. Our bread and butter is high-throughput rodent decision-making to answer questions about economic decision-making, action planning, and cognition in general.

Jeremy Forest

Postdoc at NYU. For NMA, Jeremy spent the majority of his time doing video editing, captioning and helping managed students questions. He also dabbled a bit in the matching algorithm.

Byron Galbraith

CTO and cofounder of Talla, Inc. At NMA, Byron contributed to a number of areas, primarily focusing on tutorial waxing and development.

Richard Gao

Recently minted Voytek Lab PhD from UCSD Cognitive Science. Currently postdoc-ing in Tuebingen with Jakob Macke, working on simulation-based inference tools for neural population data. NMA Waxer, Lead TA, & TA of Ethereal Pony.

Qinglong Gu

Postdoc at Yale Univesity. For the NMA, I helped with recruiting students (especially from China), reviewing TA application, providing tech support, and developing the tutorials.

Yueqi Guo

PhD student at Johns Hopkins University, studying the primate auditory cortex with optical imaging techniques and computational methods. Music enthusiast & Mountain lover & Marmoset whisperer. Made in China.

Konrad Kording

Professor at University of Pennsylvania, NM* co-founder, board member, day+tutorial planner, curriculum, PR, Recruiting. Passionate about teaching, empathy, and community. "It won't be much work"-level wrongness.

Arvind Kumar

Associate Professor at KTH Royal Inst. of Tech. Stockholm, Sweden. I study dynamics of neuronal networks, neural coding, neural manifolds, communication across brain regions, neuromodulation and Cricket.

Helena Ledmyr

Helena is one of the co-directors of INCF (, with special responsibility for development & communications. She serves as the chair of NMA's communication and outreach committee, and is happy that INCF is able to provide the Q&A forum for NMA's students and mentors.

Songting Li

Songting is an associate professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China. He works on single neuron computation, neuronal network dynamics, and brain-inspired machine learning. He helped organize the NMA in China, and helped develop the tutorials of the single-neuron day and dynamical-system day etc.

Tony Liu (he/him)

PhD student in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania working with Konrad Kording and Lyle Ungar. Content creator for Week 3, Day 3 Causality tutorials alongside Ari Benjamin and Konrad Kording.

Jesse Livezey (he/him/his)

Jesse is currently a postdoc at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab working with Kris Bouchard. He works on developing data analysis and machine learning methods for neuroscience data (and sometimes data from other fields). Jesse was a Lead TA and helped edit the NMA tutorials.

Jakob Macke

Professor for `Machine Learning in Science' at Tübingen University. Develops probabilistic machine learning methods for analysing neural and behavioural data. At neuromatch, organised and co-designed the `GLM day' (W1D4).

Marcelo Mattar

Assistant Professor at UC San Diego. For NMA, Marcelo was a content creator of the Reinforcement Learning day (W2D5), preparing the exercises for the tutorials and two of the tutorial videos.

Jorge Aurelio Menendez

PhD student at Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, London. For the NMA, Jorge helped develop the content for the Deep Learning 1 day, including writing two of the Jupyter notebooks.

Madhuvanthi Muliya

I am a research intern at the Laboratory of Computational Neuroscience at IIT Madras, India. The brain is a whole other universe to me. My interest in the brain and how neurons communicate stemmed from an interaction of human communication and biotechnology in my life. I am also interested in education and mental health. At other times, I am a professional dancer, I sing, I write and I am a dreamer in cahoots with my imagination. I volunteered as a caption editor at NMA.

Prakriti Nayak

Master's graduate from King's College London, currently applying to PhD programmes in computational neuroscience. Prakriti moonlights as a freelance editor of neuroscience academic manuscripts. For the NMA, Prakriti worked as a video editor. An archer and a voracious reader.

Megan Peters (she/her)

Assistant Professor of Cognitive Sciences at UC Irvine. Perception, metacognition, consciousness, computational models, neuroimaging. NMA co-founder, President, Board member, Executive Chair. Helped wrangle corporate, legal, evaluation, and community; co-organized professional development; lecturer.

Xaq Pitkow

Assistant professor of computational neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University. Likes probabilistic reasoning, nonlinear computation, control, neural manifolds, machine learning. Also, art and music.

Maria Reva

Computational Neuroscience Postdoc at EPFL, Switzerland. Maria was involved mostly at the beginning of NMA in communications and database management, while also participating in student applications review.

Ali Rigby (she/her)

Ali is currently applying to neuroscience PhD programs. As part of the student experience, she had the pleasure of teaching yoga and meditation classes for NMA students in Zone 2, as well as supporting the karaoke events.

Ashish Kumar Sahoo

Master of Science (Biology major) from National Insitiute of Science Education and Research (NISER), India. He worked as a caption editor for Neuromatch videos.

Saeed Salehi

I’m a student of computational neuroscience at BCCN-Berlin, whose inspired by this quote from Georg Cantor: “In mathematics, the art of asking questions is more valuable than solving problems”

Shreya Saxena

I am a computational neuroscientist with a background in control theory. I am broadly interested in topics on the interface of statistical inference, recurrent neural networks, control theory, and neuroscience.

Paul Schrater

Professor at University of Minnesota interested in computational models of intelligence.

Alice Schwarze

Alice is a postdoc at the University of Washington. Her research combines ideas and methods from applied mathematics and network science to study complex systems in biology and neuroscience. At NMA, I was a content creator for W2D2’s linear systems tutorial.

Siddhant Sharma (He/Him)

Research associate with Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, working with prebiotic chemistry, origins of life and all things astrobiology. Contributed to NMA with web design and development and passionate about computational neuroscience. Oh and he's from India!

Karolina Stosio

PhD student at VW Machine Learning Research Lab in Munich; working on active sensing and stochastic optimal control. Previously comp neuro student at BCCN Berlin. Content reviewer @ Neuromatch Academy.

Beth Straley (she/her)

Sociologist by training, project manager by practice. Lab manager in Neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine, facilitating research through laser aligning, grant organizing, budget projecting, and endless emails. Monitored student experience in Manage Community and helped draft and deploy surveys.

Gabrielle Strandquist

I am a research assistant working for Dr.s Rajesh Rao and Bingni Brunton, analyzing intracranial recordings of natural human behaviors. I use techniques from machine learning, neuroscience and natural language processing to analyze speech and other behaviors.

Carsen Stringer (she/her)

Group Leader at HHMI Janelia Research Campus. For NMA, Carsen was the chair of TA recruitment and helped with TA organization. She also organized the Deep Learning 1 Day.

Marius 't Hart (he/him)

Research Associate at York University, Toronto, working on movement and vision. Marius recruited a few mentors for NMA, but mostly wrote tutorials about steps in model building (W1D2).

Davide Valeriani

Davide Valeriani is a postdoc at Massachusetts Eye and Ear and Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on multimodal neuroimaging and machine learning to enhance critical decision-making. In NMA, Davide has chaired the Observer Track, and developed algorithms for matching students and created new networking opportunities for them.

Vincent Valton

NIHR independent postdoctoral research fellow at UCL, working on applying computational neuroscience & machine learning to mental heath research. For the NMA, Vincent worked on designing the course content (content creator) for the Bayesian Statistics day with Konrad Körding. Early on, he also worked on creating the first tutorial design and content format, which was then used and applied as a template for all other tutorials for the NMA Summer School.

Tara van Viegen

Tara is a 2nd year postdoc at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. Her scientific work focuses on attention and rhythmicity and her current research project examines bursting in the pulvinar. Tara dedicated a lot of her spare time to NMA as head of video production and volunteer coordinator.

Michael Waskom

Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Neural Science at NYU. For NMA, Michael built the tutorial publishing infrastructure and helped oversee the tutorial editing process.

Lei Zhang

Postdoc at University of Vienna, Austria. For the NMA, Lei helped with recruiting students (especially from China), creating forms on Qualtrics, reviewing TA application, and providing tech support.