Who We Are

Neuromatch (including the Academy and Conference) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to provide an inclusive educational and online networking experience in computational neuroscience.

Neuromatch Academy (NMA) is run by a large pool of volunteers from many countries. Among the team are experienced organizers of multiple established neuroscience summer schools, including CoSMo, CSHL Neural Data Science, BAMB, Forum Scientiarum, and Imbizo, as well as the neuromatch conference.

2023 NMA Board of Directors

Megan Peters - Chairperson 

Amita Kapoor

Brad Wyble

Nihan Alp

Ella Batty

Kate Bonnen

Gunnar Blohm

2023 NMA Executive Committee

Executive Director - Eleanor Batty

Previous NMA Leadership

2022 NMA Executive Committee

Marius Pachitariu and Scott Linderman (CGPO), Bradley Voytek and Maryleen Amaizu (CPDO), Spiros Chavlis and Gagana B (CPrO), Eleanor Batty and Kelson Shilling-Scrivo (CAO), Konrad Kording and Alberto Antonietti (CCO), Maria de Fátima Dias (CTO), Manisha Sinha and Erum Afzal (COO), Ru-Yuan Zhang (CAdO), Melvin Selim Atay and Deborah Dormah Kanubala (CDO), Kevin Rusch and Daniela Buchwald (CPeO), Amita Kapoor and Parisa Abedi (CIO), Megan Peters and Sean Escola (CFO)

2021 NMA Board of Directors

Megan Peters, Paul Schrater, Sean Escola, Konrad Kording, Athena Akrami, Kate Bonnen, Carsen Stringer, Brad Wyble, Gunnar Blohm

2021 NMA Executive Committee

Kate Bonnen (CEO / COO), Sean Escola (CFO), Byron Galbraith (CTO), Ella Batty (CAO NMA CN), Konrad Kording (CAO NMA DL), Helena Ledmyr & Mohamed Abdelhack (CCO), Tara van Viegen (CPrO NMA CN), Spiros Chavlis (CPrO NMA DL), Madineh Sarvestani (CIO), Alex Gonzalez (CDO), Marius Pachitariu (CGPO), Beth Straley (CPeO)

A partial list of volunteers that keep NMA running...