Strategic Thrusts


We believe in open information, so we are sharing our organization's 2023->2024 development goals with you. 

Thrust 1 - Expansion

Neuromatch is looking to expand our course offerings both "vertically" and "horizontally". That is, we want to offer new courses that serve students throughout their education as well as offer a greater variety of courses to serve a broader student base and support more pathways through neural and data sciences. 

Thrust 2 - Sustainability

We want to ensure that our courses can continue to be offered at an affordable rate and that we have people that are able to keep providing them. We aim to strike the right balance between ensuring that our course generates enough revenue to pay our teaching assistants and course staff while also ensuring that the course is always affordable for everybody that wants to take it.

Thrust 3 - Streamlining and Organization

More of an internal goal, Neuromatch is always looking to improve the student and volunteer experience. We want to put particular focus on this over the next year by making the internal processes that make the course happen more smooth and organized so that more attention can be spent on the student experience. This should prove a better environment for volunteers to express their creativity and make the impact that they hope to make on student education.