NMA Observer track - Instructions

Welcome to NMA!

We are very excited to have you join us. As an observer, you will be able to follow both courses at your own pace, and have access to some unique resources from Neuromatch. Here you can find some practical information on how to enroll and maximize your NMA experience.

Course content

If you want to access the course content and syllabus of the Computational Neuroscience summer school, click here.

If you want to access the course content and syllabus of the Deep Learning summer school, click here.

Keep an eye on those pages as they will be updated frequently with new content. By registering on the NMA portal, you are automatically enrolled as an observer in both schools!

Mind matching

During NMA, we will use our machine learning algorithms to match you with like-minded scientists around the world. You can reach out to your matches to study together, collaborate on future projects, learn from different experiences, or just simply to chat! To facilitate interactions, we’ll make sure to match you with people in similar time zones and that speak a common language.

If you want to benefit from this service, please make sure you fill all the fields in the Settings tab under the profile on the NMA portal and then fill out this form by the beginning of the summer school. The Demographics tab is entirely optional, and is helpful for us to learn more about our students.

What will I get?

Even though there are no certificates available for observers, by enrolling in NMA you will broaden your knowledge about computational neuroscience and deep learning. If you enroll in mind matching, you will have a chance to interact with other students with similar research interests.

How to enroll?

If you have friends / colleagues who would like to enroll in NMA as observers, please tell them the only thing they need to do is to register to the NMA portal. The course content for both schools will always be available. If they register, fill the information in their profile, and fill this form by the beginning of the summer school, they will also benefit from the mind matching.


If you have further questions about the observer track of NMA, please contact Davide Valeriani, the observer track lead, at davide.valeriani@neuromatch.io.