What is Neuromatch Academy?

Neuromatch Academy (NMA) teaches computational techniques crucial for success in academia and industry. It serves thousands of students each year with hundreds of teaching assistants (TA). Students learn by solving problems in small groups and by running group projects; they learn in many languages in an incredibly supportive environment. See our courses here: Courses 

Who is Neuromatch Academy?

Neuromatch Academy is a volunteer-lead organization, run by science enthusiasts from all over the world.  From students to faculty to industry professionals, our volunteers are invested in creating globally-accessible science education and building inclusive communities for scientists to learn, grow, network, and discover. See our team here: Team

Why should you apply to NMA?

This program provides a dynamic learning experience that fuses neuroscience and computational techniques. Collaborate with a global community of experts and peers, hone your problem-solving skills, and build a supportive network that celebrates inclusivity and accessibility in science education. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to advance your knowledge and skills. 

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